Our mission is to see every child achieve their greatest health, well-being and potential.

The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children was established by Children's Health and represents a coalition of community-based organizations with a single purpose: improving the health and well-being of children in Dallas and Collin counties.

Sounds ambitious, right? It is. But we have a plan and a 20-year vision where our children have arrived at young adulthood healthy and thriving. We’ll achieve this one step at a time, focusing on specific issues with evidence-based strategies to measurably improve the health and well-being of children in Dallas and Collin counties.

Alliance members are helping to change factors inside and outside of the hospital setting that play a role in the poor health of our children. Using the Collective Impact model, we leverage data to identify the most pressing social, emotional and environmental issues negatively affecting our children. Our goal is to create new models of healthcare that similar coalitions throughout the U.S. can apply to their community’s children.

We can improve the health and well-being of our children. Moreover, we must.

Who Is the Alliance?

To learn about the work we are doing in Dallas and Collin counties, we invite you to watch this 7-minute video. It explains how our passionate, dedicated partners from many sectors, including social services, school systems, hospitals, government, faith-based organizations and donors, work together toward a common goal.

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Our "Whole Child" Approach

Children are moving between different environments all day long and being exposed to different social environments, all of which have an impact on their overall well-being. When children visit with a doctor in their office, it’s difficult to assess all the influences contributing to a problem. The Alliance is working on solutions to help doctors understand the “whole


child,” including aspects of their life (social, environmental, relational) that may not directly have to do with their health, but affect it greatly. The key becomes working with these factors rather than around them. That's why no matter which initiatives the Alliance undertakes, now and in the future, we will always approach our work through the lens of the whole child.

Member Organizations


Alliance Convenes Local and National Stakeholders to Make Dallas Housing Healthier for Kids


The Alliance recently convened more than a dozen stakeholders from both the private and public sectors to discuss the 1000 Communities Campaign, an initiative of the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH). The campaign dovetails with the work of the Alliance’s Asthma – Physical Environments Working Group, which has championed proposed updates to the City […]

Help Make Early Pre-Kindergarten Registration Week a Success

Research consistently shows that attending pre-kindergarten results in significant learning gains. This is particularly true among students who qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch, as the educational setting is where most children receive their nutrition intake for the day. Thus pre-kindergarten programs result in long-term benefits for children’s health and education; school success; and community […]

Alliance Members Champion School Breakfast and Food Access

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in children’s health. In Dallas ISD, 89% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, making school meals a vital source of nutritious food. Two Alliance members — Margaret Lopez of Dallas ISD and Jenny Eyer of Children at Risk — have made great strides in improving kids’ access to nutritious meals through […]