Our mission is to see every child achieve their greatest health, well-being and potential.

The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children was established by Children's Health and represents a coalition of community-based organizations with a single purpose: improving the health and well-being of children in Dallas and Collin counties.

Sounds ambitious, right? It is. But we have a plan and a 20-year vision where our children have arrived at young adulthood healthy and thriving. We’ll achieve this one step at a time, focusing on specific issues with evidence-based strategies to measurably improve the health and well-being of children in Dallas and Collin counties.

Alliance members are helping to change factors inside and outside of the hospital setting that play a role in the poor health of our children. Using the Collective Impact model, we leverage data to identify the most pressing social, emotional and environmental issues negatively affecting our children. Our goal is to create new models of healthcare that similar coalitions throughout the U.S. can apply to their community’s children.

We can improve the health and well-being of our children. Moreover, we must.

Who Is the Alliance?

To learn about the work we are doing in Dallas and Collin counties, we invite you to watch this 7-minute video. It explains how our passionate, dedicated partners from many sectors, including social services, school systems, hospitals, government, faith-based organizations and donors, work together toward a common goal.

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Our "Whole Child" Approach

Children are moving between different environments all day long and being exposed to different social environments, all of which have an impact on their overall well-being. When children visit with a doctor in their office, it’s difficult to assess all the influences contributing to a problem. The Alliance is working on solutions to help doctors understand the “whole


child,” including aspects of their life (social, environmental, relational) that may not directly have to do with their health, but affect it greatly. The key becomes working with these factors rather than around them. That's why no matter which initiatives the Alliance undertakes, now and in the future, we will always approach our work through the lens of the whole child.

Member Organizations


Alliance Community Partner Offers Health Screenings at Hackney Foods

As a result of the Alliance‘s Healthy Corner Store pilot project, important work continues in the 75210 ZIP code. Capitalizing on the groundwork laid by the Alliance, J.R. Newton, R.N, Community Health Nurse at CitySquare (above right) recently began addressing an important need of Mill City families: access to preventative health care. She and her team are now offering free health […]

Alliance Participates in Groundbreaking Collaborative to Build Community Resilience


The Alliance has been tightly focused on the pressing health issues of obesity and asthma. These conditions are symptoms of multiple interrelated social determinants of health, which require more comprehensive and innovative strategies than traditional health care models offer. To effect change, we must think in terms of moving health care upstream. To address asthma and […]

Thousands of Spacer Bags Distributed to Targeted Area Schools


This past school year, after receiving feedback from school nurses, the Alliance convened clinical experts from Children’s Health with key school partners to facilitate the distribution of Asthma Spacer Bags. So far, more than 2,200 Asthma Spacer Bags have been provided to local school nurses for students with asthma in Dallas ISD, Richardson ISD and […]