What We're Doing

Working groups of volunteer members plan and implement the Alliance's strategies across organizations. For the asthma initiative, the working groups are organized around the areas of:


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Healthy Physical Environments

The Healthy Physical Environments Working Group is moving forward with a home rehabilitation loan/grant program through the 1000 Communities Campaign. The program will target health-related poor housing conditions in the Lancaster-Keist corridor of Dallas, with the goals of prioritizing available funding for families that include children with asthma, and improving families' ability to manage their children's asthma. 

Improved Access to High-Quality Health Care

The Improved Access to High-Quality Care Working Group is implementing Cultural Competency education opportunities to health care providers throughout the DFW area. Culturally competent care has been shown to effectively eliminate health disparities in the healthcare setting.

The Working Group has also undertaken a quality improvement project focused on increasing the adoption of asthma action plans. The Alliance helps participating care providers and school districts track asthma action plans provided to school nurses and to compare health care outcomes for students with asthma who have asthma action plans on file, versus those who don't. 

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Equipping Children and Families for Asthma Wellness

The Equipping Children and Families Working Group is committed to training community health champions, including promotoras and health professionals, on Healthy Housing assessment standards. These health champions can help families in areas with high-health care utilization make evidence-based changes to their home environments that will reduce children's risk for asthma attacks. 


Current Tasks

A quick look at the Alliance working groups' latest activities

Improving Physical Environments
✓  Current task: Pushing for City Council vote to amend city code ordinance to include asthma triggers

✓  Current task: Ongoing training of City of Dallas housing code officers and prosecutors

Improving Access to Care
✓  Current task: Developing mobile phone app as a vital interactive asthma management tool

Improving Quality and Consistency of Care
✓  Current task: Streamlining variety of asthma action plans in current use by care providers

Improving Asthma Management Education for Families and Children
✓  Current task: Developing ongoing asthma education classes offered in Jubilee Park