What We're Doing

 The mission of our healthy weight initiative is to prevent and reduce childhood obesity in North Texas. We are accomplishing this through two working groups: Healthy Eating and School and After School Settings..


School and After-School Settings

Building on its work with School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs), the School and After-School Working Group is implementing its SHAC maturity ranking model for Garland ISD and Mesquite ISD. The model introduces best practices at both the district and individual campus levels that will help move the SHACs to a higher level of maturity, more in line with state standards. The Working Group has also partnered with Dallas ISD to facilitate relationships and leverage collaboration with community stakeholders to improve school health at two potential campuses. 

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating Working Group is pursuing alignment with existing after-school supper feeding programs at sites where students have a high risk for obesity. The goal is to improve the family well-being, nutrition and physical activity choices of participating children and families through healthy meals, nutrition education and quality enrichment activities.

Highlight : Healthy Corner Stores Project

An innovative project for the obesity initiative involves implementing a healthy retail and nutrition awareness initiative in the 75210 and 75215 zip codes of South Dallas. The prototype Healthy Corner Store project in Philadelphia offers an encouraging evidence-based success story, which we are using to guide our local efforts.

The initial target zip codes are classified as “food deserts,” where access to healthy food is extremely difficult, despite research indicating that families living there desperately want to provide fresh food for their children.

The Alliance working group goal, with guidance from the Philadelphia model and other evidence-based models, is to align corner store retailers in these food deserts with corporate partners who are committed to improving the overall well-being of children and families in South Dallas neighborhoods. Read a case study about the Healthy Corner Store pilot or learn more about the Healthy Corner Store initiative.