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The Alliance is part of a shift in our nation's conception of health care. Using a population health approach, the Alliance is contributing to better health outcomes for children and their families. Read more about the innovative ways that our organization is improving family well-being in these white papers and case studies.  

Value-based Health Care

The Alliance was conceived as part of a strategic transformation for Children's Health, one of the nation's leading pediatric health care systems. Establishing the Alliance represents a systematic shift toward value-based care, where health care doesn't happen only in the hospital.


Using DSRIP funding in novel ways, Children's Health has improved health and wellness with cross-community partners and saved money for the health care ecosystem. Read the white paper.  

By applying the principles of human-centered design, Children's Health developed a new business model grounded in family well-being. Read the report. 

Place-based Initiatives

Place matters. Neighborhood environmental factors -- from safety to food access and economic opportunities -- all impact family health and well-being. The Alliance is using a place-based approach to address the social determinants of health in local underserved communities. 


Working in Neighborhoods Strategically (WINS) used a place-based model for improving health in vulnerable neighborhoods. Read the white paper. 


The classroom is an important place for kids' health, which is why the Alliance advocated for a school-based telehealth program. Read the white paper. 


The Mill City neighborhood of Dallas was the ideal place for the Alliance to demonstrate proof of concept for the Dallas Healthy Food Retail (HFRI) initiative. Read the case study.